Bringing it all together

We will help you to make sense of the complex tangle of third party systems that run your building’s key functions.

Using leading-brand products, we will design creative protocol solutions to bring the control of your building to your fingertips. Where once you had to use many separate instruments, we will give you total control at the push of a button. We can deliver everything to you through a user-friendly interface.

Our past implementations have brought the following together:
• Lighting Control
• Stand-by Power Generation
• HVAC Equipment
• VSD’s
• Fire and Security Systems
• Water
• Gas
• Electrical Energy Metering
• Hydraulic Metering• Grey water/rain water
• DAF units• Any monitoring and control systems

Installing a Building Management System is also a good opportunity to consolidate systems together to free up space in control rooms that can easily become crowded.

Get in touch with us now to find out how we can help you bring it all together.