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We’ve been in operation now for twenty years and much has changed since Leigh Booth established the company back in 1999. During that time, technology has advanced and continues to evolve. We stay in touch with the latest advances in this ever-changing market, so that we can be sure the independent advice we give you is truly expert and always takes the latest innovations into account.

We invest heavily in our team and have a genuine, honest, customer-first approach to our work – so our people stick around. As a result, we can boast an industry-leading staff retention rate, and that means we bring a wealth of experience to every project we take on. So when LJ Services appoints a project manager to be your main point of contact, not only can you be sure that they’ve worked on countless similar projects, you can have confidence that they’ll still be there when it’s successfully completed.

We have well-established and long-term partnerships with a number of leading electrical and control providers, which helps us to develop broad, future-proofed solutions that we tailor to your needs. We realise that your business is unique and has its own distinct set of problems that you are trying to solve. We also build our own bespoke switchboards and control panels, designing each board and layout to complement the project requirements, producing them quickly and testing them thoroughly. As a result, we have developed an excellent reputation for workmanship, design and performance.

Our diverse inhouse skills mean we can implement solutions all the way from Mech-Elec to hi-tech Building Management Systems. When you bring your project to us, we have the expertise to take responsibility for the work from start to finish. That means our projects carry less risk and can be turned around faster than those where a sub-contractor needs to be engaged.

We deliver every solution in line with
our core business principles

Solution Driven
We listen and collaborate with you to make sure we design and then deliver the right solution to meet your needs. We pride ourselves in keeping across new technologies and, while we benefit from our strong partnerships with leading BMS providers, we are always independent in our product choice. That’s because our number one priority is to deliver the right solution for you.

One point of contact
We believe in making it easy for you, and that’s why we assign a project manager to work with you, from inception to completion, at any site across Australia. This single point of contact will keep you up to date on how the project is going and, because our PMs are all part of the LJ Services leadership team, they each have the power to make the right decisions at all times.

Results Focused
Not only are we committed to delivering the right solution, we do so on time and on budget. We bring a wealth of experience to every job, whether it’s Building Management Solutions (BMS), Energy Management Solutions (EMS) or Electrical Services. When each of our projects is complete, we don’t just step away. We want you to achieve the results you expected, so we continue to work with you after installation to make sure you are able to manage the new system correctly. We also offer maintenance support to ensure you continue to realise the benefits well into the future.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction
We want you to keep coming back, and our record of repeat business confirms both our expertise in delivery and our long-term commitment to our clients. Our team of highly qualified electricians work with your team throughout the design and engineering process to give you the confidence that the solution will deliver the outcome you are looking for. That’s because we want you to be satisfied with the end result, just like the rest of our customers.

Our experience, customer focus and our inhouse ability to deliver both Mechanical Electrical (Mech-Elec) and BMS makes LJ Services the right choice for your electrical and building automation project.

Our Values
Working as One

Working as One

We work as a team and apply consistent standards and expectations across our business
Our employees take care of the company and customers as they were their own.
We have fun and enjoy our work and what we do for our customers.
We value diversity in all its shapes and forms.


We make things happen and keep things simple
We deliver a quality product and we do our job right, even when no one is looking.
We think about how our actions will affect tomorrow, not just today.
We deliver great products and services that have a positive impact


Telling the truth, the good news with the bad (yes, it sometimes does happen!).
We know our business and ask for help when we need it.
We do what we say and keep our stakeholders up to date.
We are genuine in our approach and our advice


Being serious about the health and safety or our employees and to provide an accident free workplace.
Taking responsibility for our own safety and for those around us.
We take a no tolerance approach to workplace bullying, providing a safe environment for a diverse workforce to operate.
We do more than just the basics


We are approachable.
We are enjoyable to work with and foster a positive environment
We are serious when we need to be
Our team is empowered and enabled resulting in better business outcomes.
Our Team
Our Team

“If you want to travel fast, go alone. If you want to travel far, go together.”

Leigh Booth – Managing Director

Gregory Murphy – Senior Project Manager

Kayne Heller – Project Manager

Cameron Smiley – Systems Engineer

Anthony Lascala – Manufacturing

Debra Ward – Administration
























Leigh Booth
Managing Director

Leigh started the business in 1999. An electrician by trade, he quickly realised that what he enjoyed most was solving problems and building systems. Over the years, Leigh has made sure that LJ Services invests heavily in its people and, in particular, training, something he believes is vital when it comes to keeping up with the latest innovations in an ever-changing industry, and delivering the results customers are seeking.

Leigh says “The good news for our business is that whilst the advances and innovations keep coming, the structures that make them possible – LJ Services’ core business – remain largely unchanged.”

In his spare time, Leigh is a keen cricketer and opens the batting for his local team, still hoping for that elusive first century.


Greg Murphy
Senior Project Manager
Greg has been at LJ Services for 10 years. He’s a hands-on project manager who likes to deliver. He loves the relationship side of the work and leverages them to ensure he truly understands the customer’s need. He has an interest in wiring rules and makes sure that the entire LJ Services team is always kept up to date, so that the job is always done right.

An avid petrol head, Greg is refurbishing a ’56 Cadillac, a car he loves because of its history and fame. In his own words, he explains why: ”They were the pinnacle of design and technology. You never hear people singing songs about a Toyota, now do you?”


Kayne Heller
Project Manager
Kayne has worked at LJ Services for three years and comes from an industrial background. He enjoys the cut and thrust of life as a project manager because no two days are the same. He’s a process guy and meticulous in his approach to planning and delivering projects, always keeping his clients across issues and resolutions.

The biggest change he’s noticed in his many years in the industry, is the way teams communicate with each other. He still recalls the day his two-way radio was replaced by a Nokia 5110.

To unwind, Kayne enjoys life on the water – river or sea. He has a number of boats and likes nothing better than a day fishing.


Cameron Smiley
Systems Engineer
Cameron has been with LJ Services for over 10 years and completed his apprenticeship under Leigh. An expert in BMS, he designs creative and future-proofed solutions that deliver the right benefits to our customers at the right cost.

He’s very definitely our go-to guy for all things BMS. He says he is drawn to the complexity of machinery, and the obvious synergies between the self-diagnostics, and data analytics capability of both BMS and Formula 1 – the Red Bull team in particular – probably go a long way to explaining his passion for the sport.


Anthony La Scala
Anthony has been part of the LJ Services team for 11 years and is another who completed his apprenticeship at the company. In his role, he is responsible for the design and construction of switchboards and control panels, and for ensuring that the customised boards do exactly what they are meant to.

He’s a keen supporter of Melbourne Victory and plays a few soccer games himself, though these days he kicks more goals with his custom-built switchboards.

"What impressed me the most was the dedication of the LJ team to meet our tight timeline once given the job. They delivered a system that met our needs and our budget, delivered on time, on cost and to a quality standard that met our expectations. I would have no hesitation in using LJ Services for our next mechanical & electrical services project"
-Nicholas Dal Sasso, Managing Director, Ecotech
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